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Enjoy the sound.

The Cube XXL is an immersive installation, where you can walk through the hollow spaces. The sharp and soft curves, which are continuously flowing into each other, are inspired by sand dunes from the desert.

What is unique about the Dune is that all focus is on the inside of the sculpture, not the outside of an object. The main goal is discovering the hidden beauty inside. When we start sculpturing our light installations, we do not know how the outside will be. We believe the outside reveals itself ones the inside is discovered. 


We mostly start from solid shapes, like a solid cube made out of plaster. Whichis then carefully empty it out. Giving light to hollow areas; holes and curves that continuously flow into each other.

All the curves and lines are connected. By carving the sculptures out, we want to show the beauty of emptiness, hollow areas of nothing, the empty places inside the plaster cube, and the beautiful spaces surrounding the cube. In our opinion, the empty spaces around an object, like
the areas between the branches of a tree or holes in stones, are mesmerising to observe.


The power of the Dune is the beauty its empty and hollow spaces. In the 3 meter new immersive installation you can walk through the hollow spaces, sit and rest
inside. This sculpture will be installed on a turning plate, circulating 360 degrees, slowly.

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