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Tropical Ceramics

We wanted to immortalise the beauty and shapes of those tropical fruits. We wanted to bring a tropical vibe home to our cold country; the Netherlands.

Immortalising tropical fruits: ceramics
When we spend few months in Brazil and Mexico for work, we discovered many tropical fruits. The taste was so good and I wanted to bring this fruit back home. However, after a few weeks, this fruit started to rot. Furthermore, all the airplane companies do not allow you to bring fruits home.


We decided to make plaster molds during our road trip in order to recreate the tropical fruits in porcelain. Unique wonderful shapes of jackfruit vases, cacao cups to drink hot-chocolate from in the
winter months, and banana leaf plates came out. This month the ceramics are on the magazine

If you like our ceramics and want to do it yourself? We are going to do making your own cacao-cup courses. If you want to stay up to date send us an email. Click here

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Jackfruit Vaas


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Banana Leaves


Other Ceramics

Send us an e-mail for orders.
Custom made production is also possible. 


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