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Welcome to Studio 23:23

The place where Neuroscience meets Design

The Cube

NeuroAesthetic Cube

The Cube is our design of an neuroaesthetic and kinetic light installation. The ‘Cubes’ represent a quest for objective beauty and tranquility based on neuroscientific research. They explore the concept of neuroaesthetic principles in their designs, creating aesthetically appealing products derived from neuro-
science-based aesthetic principles.


The Cube XXL

The Cube XXL is an immersive installation, where you can walk through the hollow spaces. The sharp and soft curves, which are continuously flowing into each other, are inspired by neuroaesthetic principles of perceiving beauty. 

Tropical Ceramics

Jackfruits / Cacao / Banana Leaves

We immortalise the beauty and shapes of tropical fruit such as jackfruits, banana leaves and cacao's. . We wanted to bring a tropical vibe home to our cold country; the Netherlands.

Tropical collection_2.heic

Join Our Creative Hub

Rent spaces with us

Looking for an working space? We have multiple spaces to rent. Ask us for the possibilities.

- Flex working

- Small office

- Big working area

- Organise event or gallery

3D Print Service

Print / Scan / Modeling

Printing service on demand. We can scan, print and modelling. We have several 3D printers with different print possibilities. Materials such as PLA, PET, Resin and Ceramic.

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